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CORMAN FEINER LLP IS An innovative litigation boutique

We combine top-tier Bay Street litigation experience with an agile approach designed to respond to the specific needs of our clients. 

Our practice focuses on corporate-commercial litigation,  professional liability and regulation, and administrative law. The firm’s founders, Sarah Corman and Jeffrey Feiner, each spent more than a decade litigating at one of Canada’s preeminent national law firms. We have represented large and small companies, institutions, government entities, professionals and individuals in a wide variety of litigation matters.  

We have appeared at all levels of Court in Canada and conducted civil trials, appeals, arbitrations, and administrative hearings. We are skilled courtroom lawyers and enjoy being in court. However, we also know when it is best to avoid the courtroom and achieve excellent resolutions for our clients out of court. We provide value-added litigation services and use the latest technologies to maximize efficiency and streamline service delivery. 
Sarah Corman, Partner, Corman Feiner LLP

Sarah Corman

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Jeffrey E. Feiner, Partner, Corman Feiner LLP

Jeffrey Feiner

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Hilary Brown - Corman Feiner

Hilary Brown

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Michelle Stephenson - Corman Feiner

Michelle Stephenson

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We are committed to excellence in advocacy and client service.
We constantly strive to achieve the following goals:
Corman Feiner LLP - Litigation Services of the Highest Quality
Corman Feiner LLP - Be a Model of Efficiency
Corman Feiner LLP - We Add Value
Corman Feiner LLP - We Provide Fee Predictability
Corman Feiner LLP - Embrace Innvoation
Corman Feiner LLP - We Give Back to Our Community

Practice Areas


We conduct a wide range of corporate and commercial litigation including in the following areas:
  • energy, mining and infrastructure/construction
  • banking and financial services
  • contractual disputes (including frustration and force majeure)
  • business interruption insurance
  • class actions
  • information technology projects
  • competition/antitrust/price-fixing
  • institutional liability (e.g. hospitals, colleges, and universities)
  • administrative law including regulatory and licensing matters
  • shareholder and partnership disputes
  • retail operations and consumer products
  • real property
  • fraud recovery
  • product liability
  • privacy
  • environmental claims
  • inquiries and inquests
  • local assistance in foreign proceedings
  • cross-border litigation


We conduct and advise on civil litigation and regulatory matters involving regulated professionals including:
  • civil litigation and regulatory proceedings for physicians and other regulated health professionals
  • medical malpractice actions
  • litigation and regulatory matters involving other professionals (including engineers, accountants, auditors, investment advisors, architects, lawyers)
  • complaints, investigations and discipline proceedings
  • hospital privileges disputes
  • disputes involving medical clinics
  • appeals and judicial reviews of College and regulatory body decisions
  • registration and certification
  • removal of information from public register
  • OHIP billing and payment
  • peer assessments, reviews, and inspections
  • quality of care reviews and appearances before the Quality Assurance Committee
We have experience conducting litigation in many forms: trials, appeals, arbitrations, 
judicial reviews, motions, applications, injunctions and administrative hearings. We have also conducted arbitrations and court proceedings by video conference.

We are available to act as trial counsel for other lawyers.

We also have experience resolving matters prior to the commencement of litigation and
using a variety of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques.

We are fully equipped to conduct virtual hearings.


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Our office is conveniently located in the Richmond-Adelaide Centre in Toronto’s Financial District, accessible via subway and located on the PATH.
Corman Feiner LLP
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